Sabtu, 20 November 2010 @ 21.20.00  1 stares
when you found me , i was in sadness ..
i had a little hurt in my heart ..
i can't believe it ..
when i so hopeless ..

but your smile, your joke, your careness ..
all about you made me smile, forgot the past ..
till i can back felt happy ..
so happy cause you ..

you like an angel whom God send to me ..
you made me strong ..
forgotten all my hurts in the past ..
and seeing to the future ..

thanks for your sweetness ..
thanks for your careness ..
thanks for your love ..
i hope i can make you always smile ..

but sorry ..
i can't say that i got feeling on you ..
which it make me so different than before ..
i can't tell you, if i love you ..

your sweetness, in my heart ..
your careness, in my heart ..
your love, in my heart ..
all kind of you, always i keep in here, my heart ..

but, once again sorry ..
i can't told you if i love you ..
cause i couldn't loose from this feeling ..
cause it can make you gone from my heart ..

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